About hCaptcha

Privacy, Security, and Machine Learning.

hCaptcha is the world's most widely used independent CAPTCHA service.

Privacy Focused

hCaptcha brings a modern, privacy-focused approach to stopping bots.

We show CAPTCHA challenges that are difficult for bots but easy for people by collecting difficult-to-label data from machine learning problems, and using it to distinguish whether a website or app visitor is human.

Security First

Bad actors are increasingly common online. But sacrificing user privacy is not the answer.

Security solutions offered by ad companies focus primarily on tracking users across the web. We have created an effective security solution that proves harming user privacy is not necessary to deliver excellent results.

Who we are

An experienced team, working on today's hardest problems. hCaptcha is a service of Intuition Machines.

We specialize in deep learning and visual domain machine learning at scale, with a particular focus on securing online systems from increasingly sophisticated modern threats.

With decades of software and ML expertise, we build and operate massively scalable systems to tackle some of today's hardest problems while preserving privacy.


photo of Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich

CEO of Brave. Co-founder of Mozilla. Creator of the JavaScript programming language. Builder of browsers and more.

photo of Dawn Song

Dawn Song

Professor, CS at University of California, Berkeley. Deep learning, security, blockchain expert. CEO of Oasis Labs.

photo of Keiran Thompson

Kieran Thompson

Research Scientist at Stanford. Machine learning and quant finance at major banks, hedge funds, and academia.

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